Digital tachograph analysis.

Our clients wanted a simple analysis system for the data from the Digital Tachograph.
In response GAYNEMORE developed a solution to enable digital tachograph analysis & the secure storage of data from the Driver Card and the Vehicle Unit.

The vital elements of the digital analysis process that dictated what was required.
1. Continue producing our clear & concise reports.
2. Keep it simple.

Digital Tachographs − Analysis & Archiving

A digital tachograph records data onto Driver Cards and into the Vehicle Unit.
That data needs to be extracted from the driver card for analysis and both files securely stored.
Digital Tachograph Analysis is still required to check for compliance with Drivers Hours Rules.

GAYNEMORE are pleased to offer the following solution.

Analysis Of Data From Driver Card

For a fleet of any size located anywhere. Download Driver Card data every 2 weeks to your PC. The data files could then be copied to an ordinary memory stick & posted or sent to us via email as an attachment. We will produce the reports and either post or email them back to you.
Analysis cost per extracted record £0.20 (Minimum invoice £19.50).

We will archive raw digital tachograph data files and keep them secure for you for 24 months.
Cost of archiving data − Included in figures above.

Secure Archiving Of Digital Tachograph Vehicle Unit Data

It is a requirement that the data from the Vehicle Unit is downloaded regularly and securely stored.
It is a simple process to extract the data files. Copy to a PC and then copy to an ordinary memory stick & post to us, or send to us via email so that we can store them for you securely.
Cost of archiving data file − Included in figures above.

Retrieval Of Digital Tachograph Archived Data

If you are asked by an enforcement authority to produce archived data for them to ‘inspect’ during a forthcoming visit. Just email or telephone us and we will email the relevant data files to you.

Digital Tachograph Data Download Device

A combined Driver Card / Vehicle Unit data download device is available for £325.

Digital Tachograph Analysis Sounds Complicated

Absolutely not.
Copy data to PC from the card reader ( a simple ‘drag and drop’ process ). Then either copy to a memory stick and post to us, or send as an attachment to an email.


Analysis invoiced per batch of reports returned.
Invoices to be paid in 30 days.
All plus VAT at the prevailing rate.