Digital tachograph card

digital tachograph card

A digital tachograph card costs

Card Application £38, Renewal £19, Replacement − Lost/Stolen £19.

Apply for or renew your digital tachograph driver card from DVLA.

Notes on the use and security of a digital tachograph card

It is a legal requirement for a digital tachograph equipped vehicle that the driver must use a driver card.
A driver who is not in possession of a digital tachograph card CANNOT drive a vehicle equipped with a digital tachograph.
Drivers may only be in possession of one digital drivers card, and must never use anyone else’s card or allow another driver to use their card.

Drivers Must ......

• ensure their driver card is inserted in the correct slot (first driver in slot 1, second driver in slot 2) from the moment they take over the vehicle before the vehicle is moved.
• record the country in which they begin and end their daily work period.
• carry sufficient supplies of type−approved print roll so that a print out can be produced at an enforcement officer’s request.
• ensure that all duties are recorded (periods worked away from vehicle can be entered using manual entry facility)
• ensure the tachograph is working properly.
• ensure the correct mode is selected to record other work, periods of availability, rest and breaks.
• use only their own personalised digital tachograph card.
• ensure the card is not removed during the working day unless otherwise authorised, e.g. change of vehicle.
• on multi-manning operations use the correct slot (slot 1 when driving, slot 2 when co-driver).
• make their cards available for downloading by their employer at least every 28 days.
• be able to produce at the roadside:
− charts (if you have used any) and any required manual records for the current day and previous 28 calendar days.
− the drivers digital tachograph card.

Recording Other Work with a Digital Tachograph Card.

Drivers must record all other work and periods of availability − including work for other employers − on all driving and non-driving days within a week where they have undertaken driving that comes within the scope of EU rules on drivers’ hours.
So if a driver works in a warehouse on Monday and Tuesday and drives for the remainder of the week he must complete records for the Monday and Tuesday.
This can be either:
− written manually on a printout from a digital tachograph.
− made by using the manual input facility of a digital tachograph.
For the non driving days the record may simply show the driver’s name, date, and start and end of shift.

A digital tachograph card

Is personal to the driver (it is not transferable).
It is the drivers’ sole responsibility to ensure safe keeping.
Don’t forget that the digital tachograph card contains your personal details − TAKE CARE OF IT.
Can store 28 days typical driver activity.
In practice we can see anywhere between 80 to 200 or more days worth of data during the analysis procedure.
Stolen cards must be reported to your employer, DVLA and Police.
If a card fails to work correctly, a replacement card must be applied for within 7 calendar days.
You can continue to drive for a maximum of 15 calendar days but must make daily printouts.
Replacement cards are issued to your choice of DVLA or DVSA office.
You must collect your new card in person and sign for it. (you will need 2 forms of identification on collection).